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Safer Together Services

Emergency Housing Assistance

Each of our partner agencies has the ability to assist with short-term housing stabilization needs in the immediate aftermath of a firearm-related or interpersonal violence incident. The Safer Together Initiative is equipped to cover short-term crisis housing on a case-by-case basis for victims of violence to help with their recovery.

Social Services Linkage

Community Ambassadors offer individuals with assistance navigating social service providers across Hampton Roads in the areas of housing, food, utilities, employment, education, mental health, and transportation.

Access to Health Care

Following hospital discharge, individuals can benefit from clinical linkage services that connect them to primary care physicians and specialists. Support services include help with scheduling appointments, accompanying doctor visits, patient advocacy, transportation, and Medicaid enrollment.

Additional Services


In-Home Sessions

Trauma-Informed Mentoring

Outpatient Therapy

Parenting Classes

Psych-educational Groups


Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation

Through a combination of active listenting, empathy, and shared life experiences, our trauma-informed Credible Messengers encourage open dialogue and understanding among feuding parties to prevent a continuation of conflict.


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